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Huge update post!

Lacking in updates lately! I’ve been a bit busy with the end of the year festivites and the such. But this will be a huge update post. 

All orders for batch #3 has been shipped out already and almost all of the domestic orders have been received. International orders (including Canada) seems to be taking a bit longer but I did ship them all out.

Batch #4: My supplier is still gathering items, they have a holiday soon so this batch may get delayed considering that we have a lot of jewelry pieces in this batch.

Future Batches: I will be taking a break and selling off INSTOCK/ leftover items. I’ve gathered up quite a bit so I will be doing that before batch 5. 

IMPORTANT FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: I will no longer be shipping first class international because of lost packages/no tracking number. I will be shipping by priority flat rate now, which is a lot more expensive but I would rather not have a lot of people not know where their orders are. Plus it’s much faster to get out of customs. 

If your storenvy order still says unshipped and you were in batch 3, please contact me ASAP. Your address was incorrect and I can’t send it to you until you respond to my emails!

Anonymous sent:

i was wondering what happened to the concealed cash order form..? it's not there...

Hello. Sorry but I am no longer doing CC. 

Hey all, I’m looking for people to sponsor again

But I have new rules now because I’ve been met with people that are pretending to be bloggers.

  1. You must have at least 2,000 followers/likes/whatever.
  2. You must show proof that you have at least that much.
  3. You must wait for me to tell you to post a certain word or picture (you can delete this later), just for me to make sure that someone else is not pretending to be you
  4. You must review the products within 2 days of receiving it. 

That’s pretty much it. ^^ If you get picked, you’ll get a package of jewelry and a discount code for your followers/readers/whatever. You can email me about it at